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    Culture of Shandong Deely Gloves Co., Ltd.
    “Humanism” is Deely’s one of the most important cultural characteristic, reflecting Deely thinks highly of the profits of customers, shareholders, staff, and the society.  It also reflects how the enterprise balance the relationships of those profits.
    Nowadays, “Credit” is the most precious and valuable enterprise resource in this commercial society, which urges the enterprise to keep developing. It has become the spiritual core of Deely’s culture.
    Innovation is an indispensable and important factor for Deely to adapt to the changing and economic globalization society. Facing the more and more fierce competition, Deely has to make a quick respond and change the previous behavior with a positive attitude. Inside the company, Deely has tried to create a new kind of enterprise culture, which encourages reasonable revolution, innovation and positive attitude.  It makes Deely tends to bravely challenge the risk and try to make rapid progress in the competition.
    Value Creation is the root of long-term development for the Deely, which bases on the enterprise’s sincere service and becomes the coincident belief growing with the enterprise. Customer service and value creation have become the consistent goal of Shandong Deely Gloves Co., Ltd. It fully reflects that Deely thinks highly of customer’s profit and tries to realize its own value when providing with best service. The win-win result has been Deely’s everlasting goal.