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Item NO.: PM300W

Item Name: White PU top fit coating

Materials: 13 Gauge White Polyester / White Nylon Knit With White PU Coating

Size Available: 6/XS, 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL

Certifications: CE, ISO 9001, Factory Audit Report

Other Favourable Certifications: CO, FTA, FORM A, FORM B, FORM E, FORM P, FORM F, etc.

Features & Benefits:

sharing with users the most flexibility in fingertips
Seamless, lint-free polyester/nylon liner to prevent contamination
Price is relatively much cheaper than palm coating gloves
Coating in lightweight PU or in a proprietary polymer coating combining durability and softness
High tactility, dexterity and flexibility
Excellent grip with durable coating

Semiconductor industries
Maintenance Automotive industries
Small component assembly
Electronics industries
Maintenance & DIY


Package 1: 10 pairs / polybag, 300 OR 500 pairs / carton box;
Package 2: 12 pairs / polybag, 240 OR 360 Pairs / carton box;
Package 3: 1 pair / individual polybag, 12 pairs / transparent polybag, 240 or 360 pairs/carton box.
Other Package: As customer’s request.

OEM, ODM are available--Customize

Customer’s LOGO printing is available both on back of gloves, polybags, and carton box.