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The 92nd CIOSH Successfully Held in Shanghai

 On April 17th 2016, the 92th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo. (CIOSH) was successfully held in SHANGHAI. SHANDONG DEELY GLOVES CO., LTD attended the expo as a exhibitor from April 17th to 19th.


Believing the motto "DEELY PRODUCTION, DURABLE PROTECTION", SHANDONG DEELY GLOVES CO., LTD has displayed various qualified safety gloves and left a deep impression on the customers. There were numerous customers from home and abroad visited DEELY's booth and showed great satisfaction with the quality and special species of DEELY gloves. Besides, five domestic customers and three foreign customers have signed the contract with DEELY on the Expo.

SHANDONG DEELY GLOVES CO., LTD has been always making every effort to provide the best products for the world. Shanghai CIOSH has offered DEELY a great platform to show DEELY’s competitive price and quality of various safety gloves.

Now, DEELY is developing new products and we will show the most competitive gloves to you on next exhibition.   

Welcome customers of the world to visit us on next CIOSH and discussed on the protection products together!